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Green Lighting Shanghai 2011

Green Lighting Shanghai Forum 2011 is a three-day event hosted by CSA and Reed Exhibitions China starting on May 11, 2011. EnergyTrend and LEDinside, will be co-organizing a one-day workshop on the first day of the event addressing innovative approaches to energy utilization of green buildings. Under such framework, there are three topic areas covering energy generation, energy storage, and energy saving applications.

  • Thematic Session A:
    Develop a Smart City by Using Energy Storing, Saving and Novel Energy Technologies
  • Date:May 11, 2011
    Time:9:00 am ~ 4:50 pm
  • Check In:
  • May 10 (Tuesday): 2:00~6:00 pm
    May 11 (Wednesday): 8:00 am
  • Venue:
    Galaxy Hotel, Shanghai
  • Address:
    No.888 Zhongshan West Road, Changning, Shanghai

About Green Lighting Shanghai 2011

As developing countries race to pursue high economic growth, the world’s dependence on petroleum has never been higher. Looking forward at the future, continued development of green economy is an inevitable trend and China is no exception as China is striving to help industries reform to ensure the country’s competitiveness. It has become a national issue to reduce carbon emissions that come from urbanized population and dependence on fossil fuel as a source of energy. Urbanization trend in China has put great pressure on the eco-system, it takes energy saving devices, more efficient energy storage systems and alternative energy sources altogether to mitigate ever increasing energy needs.

Analysts from EnergyTrend and LEDinside will share the latest reports on the industry trends and market intelligence of the integrated PV systems, energy storage integration and LED lighting applications. In addition, various industry leaders will join to share their insights of their respective expertise with the audiences and provide valuable advice in their respective fields. Focused on the future direction of the green energy industry, our program can help participants grasp new market trend and future opportunities.

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