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As global semiconductor market demand continues to slow down, the previously fast-growing storage industry has begun to usher in a cold winter. Under the impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict, COVID epidemic and high inflation, consumer electronics market becomes sluggish and appears a "slump in the peak season" phenomenon in 2022H2. This has led to an imbalance between market supply and demand, rising inventories, falling prices of DRAM&NAND Flash, and major manufacturers’ rare announcements to cut production as well as reduce capital expenditures.

However, there are also some fields that continue to release heat for the storage industry under such severe cold. The rise of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, autonomous driving and the metaverse, along with robust data storage demands in servers, automobiles and industry, presents a completely different development outlook from the consumer electronics market, which is expected to boost the storage industry to buck the trend.

Looking ahead to 2023, will the storage industry usher in a reversal? What new challenges and opportunities will we face? On January 5, 2023, TrendForce will hold the Memory Trend Summit 2023. TrendForce senior analyst team and important industry guests will then gather online to comprehensively discuss technological evolution, market trends and applications of the storage industry in 2023, providing industry friends with forward-looking ideas for strategic planning.


2023.1.5 (Thu.)
(Beijing Time, GMT+8)

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Sara Fan, General Manager, TrendForce

Opening Remarks

Sara Fan


Ken Kuo, Senior Research Vice President, TrendForce

Opportunities and Challenges in 2023's Global DRAM Market

Ken Kuo


Chloe Ma, VP, China GTM, IoT Line of Business, Arm

The Future of Storage and Memory Technologies Runs On Arm

Chloe Ma


Nelson Duann, SVP of Marketing and R&D, Silicon Motion

New Trends in Data Center SSD Storage Technology

Nelson Duann

Silicon Motion

John Li, Vice President, DapuStor

Layout Behind the Contrarian Growth —— High-end Enterprise SSD

John Li


Nan Zhang, CTO HPE

The Next Decade of Storage Evolution

Nan Zhang


Sean Lin, Analyst TrendForce

Analysis of 2023's Global Flash Memory Industry Development Trend

Sean Lin


More Guests

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Attendees by Industry

  • Storage-related Manufacturers - 40%
    (Including memory original manufacturers, controller chip manufacturers, module manufacturers, etc.)
  • Terminals Applications - 45%
    (Application fields including consumer, big data, industry, etc.)
  • Semiconductor Industry Chain - 8%
    (Including material, equipment, foundry, packaging&testing, supply chain.)
  • Solution Provider - 4%
    (Including consumer, smart home, industry fields, etc.)
  • Others - 3%
    (Including Banks, Funds, Securities, Governments, Media, etc.)


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