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In 2021, while epidemic outbreak in Europe and the US has gradually eased, the situation in India has intensified, and Malaysia has even been locked down for a time. Coupled with the complex and changeable international economic environment, there is still a degree of uncertainty in the development of global semiconductor industry.

On the other hand, the globally fanatical mining industry and the rapidly developing application markets including 5G, data centers, autonomous driving and Industry 4.0, have greatly boosted memory market demand. In the context of global chip shortage, the contradiction between industry supply and demand has reappeared, which also puts forward new requirements on storage technology. The memory industry is now facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. How should enterprises respond?

In this context, TrendForce is going to hold the annual Memory Trend Summit (MTS2022) in Shenzhen on November 18, 2021. By then, prominent guests, experts, scholars, senior analysts from the industry chain will gather to explore the latest market trend, apllications and technological evolution of the global memory industry in 2022. While providing forward-looking strategic planning for industry chain enterprises, the summit also provides a professional and authoritative communication platform for industry players.


2021.11.18 (THU)
(Beijing Time, GMT+8)

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Ken Kuo, Senior Research Vice President, TrendForce

Analysis of 2022's Memory Industry Development Trend and Outlook for Terminal Consumer Market

Ken Kuo


Bill Liu, VP and GM of Sales China, Western Digital

Innovative storage architecture empowers a smarter future

Bill Liu

Western Digital

Scott Wang, Director of Mobile Segment Arm China

Total Compute Solutions Dedicate to Terminal Performance and Safety Improvement

Scott Wang

Arm China

Huangzhong Ni, Chairman SCY


Huangzhong Ni


Joanne Chiao, Analyst TrendForce

Wafer Shortages Drives the General growth of Foundry Capacity in 2022

Joanne Chiao


Benny Ni, NPSG Greater Asia Sales Director Intel

Intel Promotes NAND Technology Innovation and Releases Storage Potential

Benny Ni


Zhifan Wei, Chief Technical Engineer, MMY

PCIe 5.0 Opens the Way for Enterprise Storage Innovation

Zhifan Wei


Jinxing Li, Vice President DapuStor

Low Carbon + High Efficiency — Innovation and Layout of Enterprise SSD Storage

Jinxing Li

Vice President

Bryan Ao, Analyst TrendForce

Analysis of Development Trend of Global Flash Memory Industry and Enterprise SSD in 2022

Bryan Ao


Bole Li, Vice GM of Storage Product Line

New Ways of Storage Empowers Data Application Innovation

Bole Li


Mark Liu, Senior Analyst of DRAMeXchange

A New Era of Digital Transformation under the Epidemic

Mark Liu


Michael He, Payton Technology CTO

Challenges and Future Outlook of Advanced Storage Packaging Technology

Michael He

Payton Technology

Lei Chen, Deputy General Manager

Concentrate on the Path of Domestic Memory Chip Innovation

Lei Chen


To be continued
We are inviting more senior experts to discuss market trends and technological evolution of the global memory industry






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Attendees by Industry

  • Storage - 40%
    (Storage-related manufacturers including OEMs, controller chip suppliers, module suppliers, solution providers, and industrial memory suppliers)
  • End Solution - 28%
    (End-use product manufacturers including consumer electronics, security products, industrial control products, big data solutions and AIoT systems, etc.)
  • Semiconductor - 12%
    (Entire supply chain from upstream to downstream)
  • Resellers - 10%
    (Dealers, Agents, Distributors)
  • Finance - 6%
    (Banks, Funds, Securities)
  • Others - 4%
    (Governments, media)


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