About LEDforum 2014 Guangzhou

Organizer :          
Date : June 11, 2014

Time : 9 am – 5 pm
Venue : Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Please enter directly from Area B)

*Warm prompt: the forum provides simultaneous interpretation


LED industry, experienced the baptism of industry and the test of technology, ushers in a golden period of development in 2014: as the major countries around the world begin to implement the sales ban of incandescent lamp, the tide to replace with LED lights comes into being. At the same time, the rise of tablet PCs, smart phones and other electronic products promotes the application of LED and sapphire to be more common.

The tide to replace incandescent has swept across the globe in 2014, LED industry ushered in golden period of development, the competition and integration between enterprises kicked off, infighting, quite competitive everywhere. Under the urging of the localization process, the upstream chip companies optimize capacity utilization, to compete with each other in technology. With the prevalence of "energy saving and environmental protection" around the world, the tide to replace light source is approaching, LED bulb and tube are the mainstream products. Benefiting from the increasing demand for backlight and lighting, packaging companies achieved growing orders. However, crisis like overcapacity and increasing revenue but no growth in profit lurk behind the multiple positive news, competition for survival between companies is increasingly severe.

So, what's the trend of global LED industry in this year, and where is the new development opportunity? How to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese LED "chip"? How about the LED lighting market visibility? Major enterprises are focusing on technology, what kind of adjustment strategies have been made in market layout?

LEDforum 2014, organized by LEDinside, Cnledw.com and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, will be held on June 11, 2014, it brings together global famous enterprises and professional analysts from LEDinside, the sessions at the LEDforum will dissect the current situation of LED industry from technology, market demand and other perspectives, and forecast the future market trend. Welcome players in the LED industry to celebrate the event together!

A Great Seminar

Many higher executives and CEOs of LED industry have been invited here to attend LEDforum 2014, and the professional participants are from LED industry and related business around the world. LEDforum not only connects you to the notabilities in the industry, helping you gain more top-tier clients, but also provides opportunities for cooperation and an access to potential business partners.


LEDforum 2014 Guangzhou is free to attend this year, but attendance is approval/invitation-based. Please register online first. Upon the completion of your registration, you will see an online message indicating a successful registration (which means our system has your registration information). Note that only approved inquiries will receive our online invitation letter within 7 business days of registration.

LEDinside, another subsidiary of TrendForce, offers research information on LED (light-emitting diode). Moreover, LEDinside also covers the technology development, market trend, and financial information of the LED industry on a global and regional basis. For more about LEDinside, please visit www.ledinside.com

Cnledw.com was launched in Y2007 and has grown into the leading service provider of LED industry in China.The content of Cnledw.com inculudes news,technology,business information, online community and recruiting, it's running through the whole industrial chain of LED.Cnledw.com provides services through five major business lines: Advertising, Verified Member, Online Recruiting, EDM and soft article release.

TrendForce is a global provider of market intelligence, in-depth analysis and consulting services. TrendForce consists of 4 major research divisions – DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside and EnergyTrend which cover research sectors including DRAM, NAND Flash, PC, LCD display, LED, and green energy. Additional information can be found at www.trendforce.

The 19th edition of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is officially confirmed to take place from 9 – 12 June 2014, once again at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This year, the organiser takes a renewed approach to stressing the four vital industry drivers of design, technology, market and network in the organization of the more than 100 concurrent events scheduled to take place during the four-day show.

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