AT IP Management Corp.
General Manager

Henry Hsu

Analysis of Micro LED Patent Map

Mr. Henry Hsu is the general manager of AT IP Management Corp. He helps his clients to build their overall strategies in intellectual property rights, including the establishment of their patent portfolios, management and strategization of multi-national litigation, and license negotiations. Mr. Hsu was the head of the IP and Legal division of Everlight Electronics, Co. Ltd. He led the team on the multi- jurisdictional litigation relating to the white LED patents against Nichia Corporation. There were more than 60 cases and the litigation was ongoing for more than 10 years and involved in more than six countries. Everlight successfully invalidated wholly or partially Nichia’s white LED patents or narrowed their claims in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Germany. During the same time, Everlight also became one of the top five LED suppliers around the world and has been reputable for its experiences in IP management.  Before Everlight, Mr. Hsu worked in ITRI and Foxconn Group and was also responsible for managing their IP portfolios. Mr. Hsu himself is a productive inventor and possesses more than 100 granted patents. His personal invention experiences have proved to be essential in his leadership and expertise on IP management and strategization.